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Join the Alliance: Protect Our Coastlines, Together

Love our beautiful coastlines? Become a proud member of the Alliance and actively contribute to preserving them!


Individual Membership ($50/year):

  • Impact: Makes a general contribution to the Alliance's ongoing beach cleanups and environmental conservation efforts.

  • Benefits:

    • Receive a limited edition "ORCA Volunteer" t-shirt made from recycled plastic bottles.

    • Become a proud member of the Alliance, supporting a worthy cause.

Changemaker Sponsorship Levels:

These sponsorship levels directly fund beach cleanups while offering exclusive benefits.

$500 Sponsorship:

  • Impact: Sponsors 2 beach cleanups, directly contributing to a cleaner coastline.

  • Benefit: Your support is acknowledged and appreciated by the Alliance.

$1,000 Sponsorship:

  • Impact: Sponsors 4 beach cleanups, creating a significant impact on coastal preservation.

  • Benefit: Your dedication to environmental responsibility is highlighted on the Alliance website.

$5,000 Business Sponsorship:

  • Impact: Sponsors multiple beach cleanups (not specified quantity, but likely the highest impact tier).

  • Benefits:

    • Gain prominent exposure with your logo displayed on the Alliance's highly visible ORCA Van, reaching a wide audience.

    • Showcase your commitment to environmental sustainability.

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