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Alliance Membership

Become a proud member of our organization dedicated to preserving our beautiful coastlines. By joining the Alliance, you actively contribute to our ongoing efforts in beach cleanups and environmental conservation.


Individual Membership

For just $50 per year, you can make a significant impact. As an Alliance member, you'll receive an exclusive "ORCA Volunteer" t-shirt crafted from the equivalent of 6 recycled plastic bottles. Wear it with pride and spread the message of environmental stewardship!

$500 Sponorship

Sponsor 2 beach cleanups and make a tangible difference in maintaining the pristine beauty of our coastlines. Your support will be acknowledged and appreciated.

$1,000 Sponsorship

Take it a step further by sponsoring 4 beach cleanups. Your dedication to environmental responsibility will shine through as we work together to create a cleaner, healthier planet.

$5,000 Sponsorship

For businesses seeking enhanced exposure, our $5,000 sponsorship option offers you the opportunity to have your logo prominently displayed on our ORCA van. This mobile billboard will raise awareness and showcase your commitment to the environment.

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